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April 6, 2013 - 1st Hour
April 6, 2013 - 2nd Hour


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Solutions in Addition to Complaining

First hour Corey and Todd discuss the indy radio show format and the intent of this radio show is to provide action oriented solutions, rather than just deconstruction of both reported and un-reported news.

For instance, whether one is up to the challenge of establishing one's domicile in a free state prior to the implementation of administrative gov-co subsidiaries as one of the people, or not, if you are not doing something where you live to improve the situation then you are just complaining.

For example, how about taking a look at what is being put in your water?
If you are not evaluating the fluoridation of your water supply, then you are just complaining. More info on efforts made where host Todd McGreevy lives is available at and

And, Corey reports about a youtube video he watched about 4th graders in New York who studied the pros/cons of fluoridating one's water supply and that video is available here: _______________________________________

Meanwhile, Corey reports about his efforts to purchase of a firearm and how because he has no DL in California, a dealer will not sell him a weapon. Corey explains that as one of the people of California, he wishes to comply with all the laws, but as one of the people he is not obligated to submit to an administrative government and proffer a government ID in order to exercise his 2nd Amendment protected rights.

As such, he has submitted to the California Dept of Justice a proof of claim to show how and why he is must submit to such an administrative gov-co requirement as one of the people of California. The proof has not been rebutted and Corey has also requested freedom of information requests about the internal discussions regarding his matter within the DOJ. He rec'd a reply to this request that essentially stated that the individuals within the DOJ have "lawyered up" regarding Corey's matter and are claiming that the communications regarding Corey's request are protected by client attorney privilege.