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Murdered Kelly Thomas Trial in Orange County Begins

By Christina Salvo and Eileen Frere
SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- Opening statements got underway Monday in the trial of two former Fullerton police officers charged in the beating death of Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man.

Thomas died five days after a confrontation with police in Fullerton in July 2011. Former officer Manuel Ramos is charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter, and former corporal Jay Cicinelli is charged with involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force.
Transit Camera Video of Thomas Kelly Being Beaten Near to Death by Fullerton Police

According to Orange County Oathkeepers and confirmed by Corey, the two cops on trial for the murder of Kelly Thomas, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, have NO oath of office lawfully subscribed and are not peace officers, at all. Yet, they are being referred to in the court room as peace officers, over and over.

Dec 7 Anniversary of Bombing of Pearl Harbor - We Were Lied to Again to Get USA in World War
Today, 70 years after Pearl Harbor, a remarkable secret history, written from 1943 to 1963, has come to light. It is Hoover’s explanation of what happened before, during and after the world war that may prove yet the death knell of the West.

Welcome to the Quasi-Administrative World of Los Angeles County Courts

Ed Brotherton is a guest on the show sharing an update of his efforts to hold the justice system in Los Angeles accountable.

Brotherton took a traffic citation and proved that when one signs a moving violation ticket, one has been arrested as a criminal and committed oneself to appear before the court and put oneself up as bond. And, when one is arrested as a criminal, then one should have the right to a jury trial for the due process afforded within the system.

Brotherton cites the SCOTUS case: People v Sava
as the source of this maxim about access to a jury trial for a criminal matter.

Meanwhile, the courts wanted to deny Brotherton a jury trial, claiming that the traffic ticket was not civil, nor criminal but was "quasi-administrative."

Brotherton's stance is that if there is no crime, or allegation of a crime, then he was illegally detained and arrested.

In an additional but separate traffic ticket (or series of tickets) matter Brotherton tries to bring up the ruling from his previous case, citing a ruling that was about him in the very same court house and the judge says that because his matter did not make it to an appellate court it would not be able to be included as a relevant 'stare decisis' decision.

Brotherton also discusses his brief he has provided the court on paying fines in dollars, demanding to know how the court can accept Federal Reserve Notes under Title 12 Section 311 ( to pay fines in dollars.

Brotherton cites Edwin Vieira's book Pieces of Eight as the inspiration for his brief and here is a link to a summary of Vieira's massive, hard to find, tome.

Additional Random Links

Israeli To Officially Take Over as Vice Chairman of U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

More Secure than Email and Skype
Unseen is an easy to use secure communications system that replaces Skype and email and gets Big Brother out of your inbox. We use highly specialized network security and data encryption to protect your messages from your computer all the way to your recipient. Because we're based in Iceland, your data is protected by their exceptionally strong data privacy laws.

Iran: It’s Not About Nuclear Weapons
If you want to understand the U.S.-Iran controversy, know this: It is not about nuclear weapons. You’re thinking: Of course it’s about nuclear weapons. Everyone says so.