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January 08, 2011

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The American Underground Network Conference Call from January 6, 2011


Schaeffer Cox, delegate to the Continental Congress 2009 from Alaska, and leader of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia in Fairbanks Alaska, was a guest this past Thursday evening on the weekly conference call "National Collective Consciousness Call" hosted by the American Underground Network -

Prior to Schaeffer's segment on the call, Carl Swensson of Rise Up For America - gave an accounting of his arrest in Monroe County Tennessee where he has been assisting Walter Fitzpatrick, who was jailed for attempting to make a citizen's arrest of a grand jury foreman who had been serving for 27 years when Tennessee law requires a new foreman every two years. READ MORE HERE....

Schaeffer Cox's segment begins at approximately the 33 minute mark of the Conf Call link above.
On today's CSR radio show, we begin at that mark, where he recounts his experiences in 2010 in Alaska and how the Fairbanks Militia as well as some members of state government statute enforcement and even the provost marshall of the military base there supported him in resisting federal agents' efforts to take his son from he and his wife, trying to prompt violence in their effort to smear him as a domestic terrorist in the process.

Schaeffer Cox has been in the press recently, including a smear article by a former Southern Poverty Law Center staffer, now working as a so called reporter for the Anchorage Press:

Infringed or unhinged? Alaska’s not-so-well regulated militia leaders - Anchorage Press Dec 12, 2010

And in a more balanced view at:

Fairbanks militia leader Schaeffer Cox questions Alaska courts' authority - December 10, 2010


‪Schaeffer Cox Court Case Uncut Part 1‬

‪Schaeffer Cox Court Case Uncut Part 2‬

Schaeffer was followed on this America Underground Network call by Michael Donald, one of the organizers and leaders of the Assembly Post Republic who has been assisting Cox in his efforts with the courts.
It has been reported that Michael Donald, who resides in Alabama, was captured yesterday by South Carolina statute enforcement officers, for purportedly impersonating a judge in that state, as he was helping stop a foreclosure of a person's home. We are hopeful that we can have persons familiar with this development on next week's Common Sense Revisited radio show.