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IRS Staffers to Get $62.5M in Morale Bonuses

[Excerpt from Washington Times] - The National Treasury Employees Union, which represents many IRS workers, argued that canceling the bonuses was illegal under the union’s collective-bargaining agreement. The union took the agency to court.
To head off the lawsuit, Mr. Koskinen negotiated the bonuses with NTEU President Colleen M. Kelley.
Ms. Kelley said the lower bonuses were better than waiting out a court case where the outcome could be no payouts at all.
“The awards are a relatively small amount of money, but they go a long way toward acknowledging the hard work of employees who exceed their performance expectations for the year,” she said.
The bonuses will amount to about 1 percent of pay — less than the 1.75 percent rate of previous bonuses.
Agency officials said they will pay $43.4 million to employees represented by labor unions and $19.1 million to other employees, for a total of $62.5 million in bonuses for 2013.
They said the amount is lower than the $89.1 million paid out in 2012.

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DOJ Confirms Maybe One Criminal Charge Resulting Metadata Spying

Cole states that the FISA statute is not about finding criminals, it is about foreign intelligence surveillance

Poe: the report states that the meta data surveillance has "not made a concrete difference in a single counter terrorism investigation."

Full hearing

The Cost of Freedom of Information in Scott County, Iowa

Excerpt: Note, too, that part of the process your county government is taking on your behalf is to redact any information that is deemed confidential. The statute cited ( is pretty clear in its 3,777-word, 64-point enumeration of what you, the taxpayer, are not allowed to see. So one can understand how that would eat up a lot of valuable time in order to prepare any response to a FOIA request, no matter how large or small. We share this correspondence in its unedited form as part commentary and part public service.
Full story:

Judicial Council of California - Notice to Appear & Related Forms

Revised February 26, 2013

The Administrative Office of the Courts gratefully acknowledges the contributions and cooperation of those representatives from the judicial community, law enforcement agencies, and special interest groups who made this manual possible.

1.000. Definitions
For the purposes of these instructions the following words are synonymous: (a) Notice to Appear, citation; (b) violation, offense, allegation, charges; (c) defendant, violator, person, individual, citee, driver; (d) court, court of jurisdiction; (e) officer, arresting officer, citing officer, issuing officer.
1.010. In General
Notice to Appear forms are designed to meet statutory requirements and, to the extent possible, address the procedural requirements of local courts and law enforcement agencies. Notices to Appear should provide the defendant with pertinent information regarding the charges and what steps the defendant must take to answer the allegations.
The uniform language and data fields assist law enforcement and the courts in the timely and accurate processing of the citation information. The design also ensures statewide conformity of advisements important to the defendant and that those advisements are clear and explicit.
1.020. Notice to Appear
a) Whenever a person is arrested for any violation declared to be an infraction or misdemeanor, or for a violation of any city or county ordinance, and the person is not immediately taken before a magistrate, the arresting officer must prepare a Notice to Appear form.1
b) When the Notice to Appear is prepared on a form approved by the Judicial Council it constitutes a complaint to which the defendant may enter a plea.2

Corey Issues Notice to Arresting Officer an Attendant Gov-Co Actors for Issuing Titles of Nobility Illegally

Inspired by Charlie Sprinkle's efforts, Corey has put together a four page notice to the Irvine Police Department officer who pulled him over for sunflower seed spitting and arrested Corey for having no DMV issued driver's license.
See Corey's backgrounder on Sprinkle and his California case here:

Click here for Corey's fully executed notice, January 27, 2014.

Tim from Illinois on Four Important SCOTUS Cases

Tim from Illinois joined the show and outlined his analysis of four important Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) cases and how when considered in their totality, the people of the several states do exist and cannot be governed by the federal government or the federal states (aka the subsidiaries of the District of Columbia jurisdiction). Rather, the federal government must guarantee the people of the several states a republican form of government and not a municipal code system.

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