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Radio Show Archive(s): February 12, 2011

Today's Third Rail Topics:

Federal Fusion Centers & Agenda 21

Special guests on today's radio show are Catherine Bleish & John Bush, co-founders of

I first met Catherine Bleish at the Jekyll Island Project, the plenary planning sessions for Continental Congress 2009. Bleish was a delegate for Kansas and Bush a delegate for Texas at CC2009. I first met John Bush at Continental Congress 2009.

Bleish and Bush helped craft the Privacy Article of the Articles of Freedom and out of this they were inspired to take civic action to start Operation Defuse.

Read the Privacy Article here:

Fusion Centers

the American public is beginning to realize that many of the institutions created to “protect the homeland” from external threats are now being focused inward on anything the establishment deems a threat to the status quo.

- From Operation Defuse

Join John Bush the founder of Texans for Accountable Government and Catherine Bleish founder of The Liberty Restoration Project as they talk about the use of fusion centers and information sharing. Originally set up to keep information on terrorists these information centers are now being used to track criminal activity as well private citizen and peaceful dissenters who might be considered a risk.

A Fusion Center is a terrorism prevention and response center that was started as a joint project between the Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs between 2003 and 2007.

The fusion centers gather information not only from government sources, but also from their partners in the private sector.

Agenda 21

Hearing more about "Sustainable Development" and "Smart Planning" from your city, county and state government and their staffs?

Sounds good on the surface, but look deeper and it's a flag for more top down tyranny, coercion, behavior control, land and property management, taxes and population control.

Learn more about Agenda 21 at and download this great pamphlet.


John Bush speaking before Austin city council meeting about the police force being trained to perform mandatory blood withdrawls from the people.


Catherine Bleish interviewed on CNN:


Additional organizations Bleish and Bush are involved in:
Foundation for a Free Society

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