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Experimental Jurisprudence & The New Deal

Corey Eib hosts the show solo this week and leads with the following document as a topic for discussion.

Detroit Police Chief Says Arm Yourselves

Armed Government Teams Target Los Angeles County Individuals Who Grow Their Own Food, Produce Their Own Electricity

James Sorensen Prevails for Being Wrongly Arrested for Open Carry

COLORADO SPRINGS - The City of Colorado Springs has paid $23,500 to a man mistakenly arrested for carrying an open weapon.

James Sorensen sued the city after seven CSPD officers detained and arrested him at a gay pride festival in July 2012, a day after the Aurora theater shooting, after seeing the open gun on his hip. What happened was caught on camera by Sorensen's partner.

The four sergeants and three officers involved were unaware that it's legal to open carry in city parks and has been since gun laws changed statewide in 2003.

Police blamed the error on the criminal manual or "cheat sheet" that officers carry that, at the time, indicated that it was still illegal in Colorado Springs to open carry in a city park.

Full story:

Simpler Route = Elect a Constitutional Sheriff?!

Tom in Florida calls in to explain that the difficulties in keeping up with all the complexities of defending oneself legally against tyranny are overwhelming and would it not be a more effective approach to focus all energy on getting a constitutional sheriff elected?

Corey agrees that having faith in the current courts is folly, and that having faith in the people supporting a constitutional sheriff will have more effect in protecting the people's rights.

Corey and Tom are referring to Tony DeMeo, former sheriff in Nevada.
Here's a video DeMeo speaking at the first CSPOA conference.

2nd Hour

San Bernardino County California Sheriff Candidate Paul Schrader
Corey supports Paul Schrader for sheriff, because among other things, Paul is wiling to enforce the people's rights that includes if code enforcement officers attempt to come onto one's property with out a warrant, he claims he will arrest the gov-co employees who are attempting to violate that person's rights.

State and District Courts of California Abandoned in 1880

Corey explains the research he has done in California that has revealed that the District and County courts that used to have the authority to naturalize citizens into California were taken over by Superior Court of California in 1880 and the District and County courts were abandoned.
And the Superior Courts do not have the authority to naturalize citizens. Corey is working on forcing the officials in California to identify where the District and County Courts are located.
The Superior Court is nothing but a collection agency for the federal government.

Richard from Alabama calls in with info about that state's courts history and how judges take new oaths of office that give them a caveat at the end of the oath "Or, as long as I remain in this office." And, thus when a new office is formed, a new overlay in the courts is formed, they don't inhabit that office. "No one knows what office each judge really occupies," says Richard, "The Bar Assoc does, and we all guess."

Copperheads and Lincoln

Richard brings up the Copperhead newspapers of the north.

Lincoln resisted clamorous calls for a cease-fire, but he and many others thought it would cost him reelection that fall. That Lincoln was able to withstand the extraordinary pressures to halt the bloodshed, even at what he thought would be the expense of his presidency, underscores both his tenacity and his moral and political courage.
The principal dissidents were known as Copperheads, conservative Democrats who harkened back to Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson as ideal presidential role models. The two were strict constructionists when it came to the Constitution, and philosophically they could be compared to present-day U.S. Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Republicans early in the war labeled the Peace Democrats as “Copperheads,” and by 1862 the term was in widespread use. The copperhead is a poisonous snake, which is what Republicans meant by the word. The Peace Democrats tried to turn the meaning on its head. The penny at the time was also called a copperhead, and Peace Democrats embraced the label because, with an image of Lady Liberty on one side, the copperhead reinforced the Peace Democrats’ insistence that they were resisting the president in defense of the Constitution and civil liberties.
So why don’t we hear more about these dissidents? The very few historians to write about them—all in the mid-twentieth century—marginalized them. They said that Copperheads were few, and two of the three historians who studied them treated them as cranks. The main debate among those historians was whether the Peace Democrats were trying to overthrow the government, either state or federal. That is the wrong question. The better question is, What impact did Peace Democrats have in the political and military arenas? The answer is that they had significant influence, especially as the war wore on and the financial and human costs mounted into the stratosphere. Copperheads had an enormous effect on the Democratic Party, nearly taking control of it in 1864.



Corey: Lincoln Implemented the Draft with Free Home Delivery

Lark in Texas on General Orders 100, Lieber Code and Talmudic Law

Lark in Texas calls in and asserts that we have been occupied by Talmudic Law, aka International Law.

1863 - Lincoln brought Army Major from Columbia College, Franz Lieber, or Francis Lieber
General Orders 100 or Lieber Code
Legal scholar in Israel, Dr. Rotem Giladi, Hebrew University in Jeruselum
wrote a piece for Red Cross in Geneva, Humanity in Occupation in Francis Lieber's code

1870 - Paris Commune in France
1871 - Socialists Internationale - Allegheny PA

1996 - Book by Sharon Korman an international law scholar from England.
The Right of Conquest: The Acquisition of Territory by Force in International Law & Practice

Bernard Demandeville
The Fable of the Bees
Division of labor theory

According to Lark we have to escape from contract bondage.
And, unless we know who and what it is that we are fighting, we will lose our battles.
Father of communitarianism is Amitai Etzioni at George Washington University special policy adviser to every American president since Jimmy Carter