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1027.5. The Legislature of the State of California finds that:
(a) There exists a world-wide revolutionary movement to establish
a totalitarian dictatorship based upon force and violence rather than
upon law.

(b) This world-wide revolutionary movement is predicated upon and
it is designed and intended to carry into execution the basic
precepts of communism as expounded by Marx, Lenin, and Stalin.
(c) Pursuant to the objectives of the world communism movement, in
numerous foreign countries the legally constituted governments have
been overthrown and totalitarian dictatorships established therein
against the will of the people, and the establishment of similar
dictatorships in other countries is imminently threatening. The
successful establishment of totalitarian dictatorships has
consistently been aided, accompanied, or accomplished by repeated
acts of treachery, deceit, teaching of false doctrines, teaching
untruth, together with organized confusion, insubordination, and
disloyalty, fostered, directed, instigated, or employed by communist
organizations and their members in such countries.
(d) Within the boundaries of the State of California there are
active disciplined communist organizations presently functioning for
the primary purpose of advancing the objectives of the world
communism movement, which organizations promulgate, advocate, and
adhere to the precepts and the principles and doctrines of the world
communism movement. These communist organizations are characterized
by identification of their programs, policies, and objectives with
those of the world communism movement, and they regularly and
consistently cooperate with and endeavor to carry into execution